<![CDATA[Painted Nest - Blog]]>Tue, 03 Oct 2017 22:22:22 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Upcycling...it's for Everybody!]]>Mon, 29 May 2017 02:16:27 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/upcyclingits-for-everybodyI started writing this blog just after Earth Day…unfortunately time has gotten away from me but I truly want to post this as I was inspired by the amount of care and effort I saw by so many people, young and old, to preserve and protect the place we call home.  Social media lit up with acts of kindness, community clean-up projects, reuse days, recycling campaigns and fun upcycling ideas.

The idea of upcycling is not new.  We’ve been re-using and recycling throughout the ages.  Remember the three R’s they taught you in grade school?  Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.  They still encourage this and uphold the motto in schools, community groups and youth events, which means...
...our children are still learning the importance of pitching in.  I love that younger and younger generations are getting involved and it’s these younger generations that inspire me the most.

I recently shared that my son came home with a project in light of Earth Day.  The school was trying to promote awareness of re-use and recycle through a fun and creative assignment.  Take any item or items that is/are not currently being used or which may be destined for landfill and create something new.  The new item needs to serve a purpose.  In other terms, upcycle.

Now my son, being my son, was very familiar with the term upcycle as he hears it from me constantly and loves helping me create new and unique ideas for items.  He came home from school pretty excited to get going.  Like me, he sees potential in almost anything and he was raring to go.

He could have taken the easy route and thrown a candle in a mason jar and called it a day.

Instead he took a walk around our workshop and made note of some old materials we had laying around, asked his Father to take him for a drive to the industrial park so he could pick up an old skid and got to work with some plans.

This is the result of young minds at work!
His teacher wanted to know what part of the finished project was considered upcycling.  Umm…all of it!  In all fairness, a few years ago I may not have believed that a couple of 12 year old kids did nothing more than paint a table and call it a day.

That’s why we took pics!

​This is what they started with, a used skid and old stair balusters.
​A little education on using power tools and how to stain wood and they were off to the races!
I’m so proud of this kid!  Not so much for what he accomplished, but for what he dreamed up, what he created, what he discovered along the way.

Upcycling is for everybody and if we can continue to encourage younger and younger generations to use their creativity and have some fun, we can only benefit from their continued contribution to society!

What will you create today?
<![CDATA[Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Projects]]>Tue, 11 Apr 2017 00:36:14 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/top-10-diy-mason-jar-projects​If you love the look of an old mason jar as much as we do, you’re going to love this collection of Mason Jar décor ideas.  We have scoured Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and our favorite blogs and sites to deliver a top 10 list for your drooling pleasure.  We hope it inspires you to dig through your own collection of mason and start using these jars in unique and creative ways!

#10  Hanging Mason Jar Wall Décor
I just love the idea of painting mason.  It adds such a unique feel to the old jars, and can be...
...matched to any décor.  Last year we started making hanging mason candle holder/sconces but these beautiful wall sconces from Jill at Country Home and Heart make my walls jealous!
Love them!

#9  Mason Jar Succulent Planters
We are seeing succulents popping up everywhere, from small gardens to centrepieces and this year we’re even seeing tiny succulent rings (look out flower girls everywhere!) but these cute succulent planters from The Jar Junquie are so creative, I’m tempted to jump on the succulent wagon!

#8  Striped Mason Jar
Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow has created a desirable twist on painted mason.  I’m loving Rebecca’s striped jars.  The idea is certainly not to go clown stripy, however you could certainly create a lovely theme in a room with a nautical stripe if you so desire.  These have such a beachy feel to them, I’m already thinking of hot summer days and sand between my toes.

#7  Mason Jar Lamp
We have seen some interesting collections inside jar-style lamps, ranging from rocks and shells to buttons and marbles, but I’m loving the combination of painted mason and the mason lamp.  It’s a match made in heaven.  Check out these gorgeous lamps from Kimberly at Here on the Farm.

#6  Mason Jar Herb Garden
If you’re an herb grower, I dare you to grow in mason this year, rather than the standard herb pots you can purchase at your local greenhouse or garden centre.  These beauties we found thanks to Crystal at Crafts Unleashed will add to your décor and provide enough sun through the glass for optimal growing conditions.
It’s a win/win!

#5  DIY Tinted Mason
We all know how difficult it is to find Blue Mason in Canada but Liz from Say Yes shows us how to create our own tinted mason, in any color imaginable!  I will be attempting a version of my all-time favorite Blue Mason using this technique.

#4  Mason Jar Lid Chalkboard Tags
We love using chalkboard paint on almost anything.  We’ve created playroom tables, farmhouse window chalkboards and will even try painting our Easter eggs with chalkboard paint this year but this idea we found on Hometalk is pretty cool!  Don’t throw away those mason jar lids just yet…put them to use with this DIY project.

#3  Aged Metal Mason
Who doesn’t love the look of patina on metal?  We are crushing over this patina look on mason from Tara at Suburble.
I have a wee bit of Modern Masters Metallic paint left and have been eyeing their patina solution for a while, just waiting for the right project.  Modern Masters has some great oxidizing kits and metal effects products that are worth checking out.

#2  Mason Jar Soap Dispensers
​The next time you’re in Michaels, make sure to pick up some soap dispenser converter kits to try this cool upcycle project for your home.  Cheryl from CherylStyle.com went the extra mile and used decoupage to adhere labels to her jars, giving it a gorgeous French look.

#1  DIY Mason Jar Chandelier
Our all-time favorite DIY mason project has to be this amazing chandelier from Rebekah at Charming Imperfections.  It’s a little more involved than some of the previous projects on this list, but oh so worth it!  Rebekah has really captured the beautiful simplicity of mason.  This is on our must-do list for sure!

Do you use mason jars in your home décor or have a creative DIY idea for these versatile jars?
Let us know!  We’d love to hear from you!
Until then, we have a ton of strawberry jam to eat.  I’m in some major need of mason and that's my favorite way of obtaining it!
<![CDATA[When Is Cold Too Cold?]]>Wed, 01 Mar 2017 01:12:32 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/when-is-cold-too-coldIn this wacky weather, this is the question I receive the most.

We’re so up and down with warm days, cold days, snow then sun, rain then hail.  So what’s a girl to do when she just wants to paint?

When I launched my business in March of 2016,...
...I recall wearing gloves to sand and prep my pieces out in the workshop.  Our spring was beautiful but there were chilly days and when you’re working out of a space with little heat, it can get quite cold on the hands.

When it comes down to painting, it’s important to know when cold is just too cold, and right now I’m just itching to get back out to the workshop.  Winter has had its hold on me too long and my home is becoming overcrowded with pieces in various stages of development.

If you’re like me and the majority of painting happens in an outdoor space or a space with little heating, it is critical to ensure the temperature in which you are painting has reached at least 10° C (50° F) and remains steadily at this temperature without a dramatic drop.

Yes, paint can freeze.  And if you’re in the middle of a project and you are noticing streaking or uneven finishes, chances are your paint is too cold.
Unsure of how temperatures can affect paint?  Something just isn’t right and you’re not sure if it’s the temperature raising havoc?  Here are some things to look for:

Paint color and consistency: does it seem right to you?  Is the color off?  Is the paint thick or chunky? ​
  • Frozen paint can look an awful lot like cottage cheese so if you’ve opened up your can and this is what you find, chances are your paint has frozen or started to freeze.

Is your finished piece starting to peel or crack?
  • Paint that is too cold or that has frozen will not hold up over time and may be susceptible to cracking due to uneven curing.

Have you noticed mildew forming on your painted piece?
  • Colder temperatures can promote moisture and this moisture can form a dew on the top-most film on your painted piece while curing.  This can cause mildew.

​Is your paint streaking or do you have an uneven finish?
  • Water in water-based paint (as opposed to oil paint) will evaporate too slowly in cold temperatures, which will cause streaking.
Here are a few other tips to remember:
  • If your piece has been in the cold and you’re bringing it inside to paint, ensure you let the piece warm up to the temperature inside your home before applying paint.
  • If your paint has frozen you may be able to salvage it.  Thaw out the paint naturally (allow to thaw over several hours and do not add heat to quicken the process).  After it has thawed give it a good stir.  Do you still notice chunks or a grainy texture?  If so, this may mean the paint will be useless, but if it’s not too grainy, you may be able to strain it using a sifter.
  • Store your paint inside in the winter, preferably in a dry area of your home with very little moisture.

If you recall, we had quite a warm fall and I was able to continue painting in the workshop late into the season.  This, however, is what my front room looked like after a sudden drop in temperature!
I was not ready for the drop and did not have an area cleared out for all my paint!  Such problems!

On my wish list for our next home?  A fully insulated, fully heated workshop!  In the meantime, I’m counting down the days to spring and some warmth and sunshine!

​Bring it on!
<![CDATA[Don't Look Back]]>Mon, 16 Jan 2017 03:13:01 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/dont-look-backTo say I have made significant changes in my life this past year would be a gross understatement.

Some people go through life completely content with very little change in their life and choose to fear uncertainty.

Me?  I do well with change, almost thrive on it.  If there is too much riding on me making big changes in my life, I am happy to make the small ones.  Furniture re-arranging, wardrobe and style updates, exercise and diet refresh, genres of books, music, film.  All of these things...
...take little risk but you are left with a refreshing energy that results from new beginnings, fresh starts and a new way of thinking and being.

I suppose that’s why it was a no-brainer for me to have launched a business in furniture refinishing and upcycled projects.  Change is pretty much the only constant in this business and I love it.  Each and every day is different, every piece unique and what we do with it at Painted Nest creates a brand new start to a story for a new home, a new client, a new love.

Big changes, however, are a tad riskier and typically take a bit more sacrifice.  The results can be uncertain but sometimes extremely rewarding.  Moving to a new town, city or even country can be completely overwhelming for most, but it may lead you to a better way of living overall.  Making financial changes can be extremely stressful but can sometimes lead to an overall stress-free outcome.  Changing one’s lifestyle for the benefit of one’s health is daunting but can lead to an extremely beneficial experience and overall existence.

What about career changes?  Big, right?  Does the thought scare or excite you?

This is where I am at this very moment in my life.  Making a very big change.

I have always had a straightforward focus when it came to my career.  I knew what I wanted to put into it and what I wanted to get out of it.  Like many, I had short-term and long-term goals.  I knew there would be change, as there is in almost any industry, but I never thought I would find myself leaving what I had always felt was my calling.

16 years later, I founded Painted Nest and took a break from what I had always known.
I can say for certain that I have only looked back once or twice this past year, but know that I’m on the right path.  I love what I do and am so happy to share my passion with you, my dear readers!

Almost a year in and it’s time for another new challenge.  This past week was the start of a new beginning for me.  A new adventure!  And one that I am extremely excited about!

Here I am on my very first day back at school!
Yes, that’s right, I’m a College student once again.  This week was the first of many intense weeks ahead for me.  I hope to have my Real Estate license by the summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this new path.  I feel great about it and am extremely motivated to make it work!

I will continue to remain focused on growing Painted Nest and am happy to be doing something complimentary to my business, which will provide me with an abundance of great skills, experience and education.
I would love to take you all along for the ride and will keep you updated on my progress at times but the focus of this blog will remain with Painted Nest as I feel strongly about my passion and dedication to this business and to you, my dear readers.

It’s been a heck of a week and I apologize for the lack of posting.  Activity may be sporadic at times, but I will continue to post as much as possible.

For now, take some time and think about the changes you’ve made in your life or those that you’d like to make.  Big or small, it’s worth taking the time to explore where change will take you, and hey, if for you, changing the covers on your throw cushions is enough, that’s totally okay!...just remember to share some pics with us!

Until next time…remember…don't look back, you’re not going that way anyway.
<![CDATA[Wait...how many days?!!!]]>Thu, 17 Nov 2016 02:46:12 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/waithow-many-days
Well now, we can start the parade, the showdown, the brouhaha, the fun!

Technically it’s 37 days, because this picture was taken 2 days ago, but yes, that’s all that’s left my dear readers and for me, the real kickoff has finally begun, now that my Mother and I have finally reveled in our annual girls’ ‘shop ‘till you drop’ day!

This day typically takes place around the first two weeks of...
​...November each year and has always centered around the annual William Ashley Warehouse Sale.  We’ve been doing it for years and have no plans on stopping anytime soon!

​Times have changed and as the years go by so have the sales and the experience but it’s never the start of our holiday season until we head out for the sale.  The location has changed, and for years the sale was always held on Railside Road, so for us that meant we made a day of it and hit up William Ashley, Wildly Delicious Foods (oh the yummy dips and spreads!!) and Ikea.

​A few years ago, the warehouse moved to Vaughn and we toyed with the notion of not making the trip.  But who were we kidding?!  It just meant a change to our strategy!  
Luckily, there is an Ikea just down the road from the new warehouse and now we hit up Vaughan Mills Mall too!  Our families don’t see us until lights out, but they know we’re safe and having fun!

This year was interesting for me as I made the trip as a business owner and creator, it was amazing to see so many wonderfully creative things that I may have just walked past in recent years.

​One of the first things that caught my eye was this beautiful clock table!  I could absolutely see this in our front hall!  It made me think of a piece we have plans for and hoping to have completed before Christmas!
Color is always inspiring me, and these are two of my favorite!  To see them sitting together so simply was just beautiful.  I had to take a picture!  It took a lot of willpower not to throw ten of these in my cart! I did add these to my Instagram feed though!

​​Just look at the beauty of these wrought iron pieces.  They were extremely heavy for their size and wonderfully unique.  I fell in love with them on site but sadly did not have any pieces I could them for.  Again, pure willpower at play on this one.  I’m not quite sure how I made it out of this sale.
​Christmas décor? Fear not, there was plenty of that!  Each year I fear the Christmas section of the William Ashley Warehouse grows bigger and bigger that it will eventually outgrow this location as well!
With so much willpower, I made out without breaking the bank but was well inspired to head into the Christmas season with many projects on the go.

At Ikea, Christmas is evident around every bend and in every display but I always adore their stars.  Every year I say I’m going to buy one and every year I walk out without one.  This year was no exception. 
Crazy, right?  They’re beautiful. 
But I really want it for the front porch and DH tells me they won’t last outside.
​They are made for interior use. 

​Moving on, because I’m a sore loser.  If you have the chance, I suggest you visit Vaughan Mills Mall during a weekday. 
It is so much calmer! 
And it’s so beautiful this time of year. 
​I swear that must be a 20-foot tree in the Bass Pro Shop!

​Cascading lights, window displays and holiday décor is a plenty and I am in my glory!

This is my time of year!  This is my favorite holiday!  It is Christmas music and movies, hot cocoa and shortbread from here on out and we are in full-blown holiday décor prep in the workshop here at Painted Nest.  Keep an eye on our webpage and Facebook page as we’ll be uploading some pretty cool Christmas items you may just need to snap up for your own holiday home.

I am thrilled to be able to do something I love while celebrating a holiday I adore with my family and friends and I am incredibly grateful to be able to share it with all of you.
I hope you keep reading, keep sharing and are inspired to try new things and explore your creative side this holiday season!

Until next time…baby it’s cold outside…sip some hot cocoa and make plans with a friend or family member.  Enjoy this time, this special, beautiful time of year.
<![CDATA[New Adventures...]]>Mon, 07 Nov 2016 03:00:18 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/new-adventuresChange, challenge, new adventure…these things have always motivated me.

Motivated me to do what, exactly?  To do better, as a person, as a Mom, as a Wife, as a Daughter, as a friend, as a business owner and as an entrepreneur.

Change is one of few constants in my life and that is due to me wanting it there.  I admire change.  I am thrilled by new prospects, new hope, new beginnings.

Challenge is there because...
...it pretty much feels like it has to pester me every day.  It does what it wants to, and it apparently wants to be a part of my life in a very big way.  So, rather than focus on the negative aspect challenge can bring to my life, I use challenge as opportunity.  I look it square in the face and smile because I know it has only made me wiser and stronger.

So that brings me to new adventure.  Life would be pretty boring without new adventures.  Painted Nest was a new adventure for me and my family this past Spring and I have been blown away by the support of my friends, family and community for this business venture.  Painted Nest has seen a strong and steady growth in business, client base and community outreach.  We continue to tell the stories we feel are important to tell, share our experiences, and answer as many questions as possible through our blog and social platforms.  We have added custom work to our repertoire, fulfilling the expanding needs of our clients.  So what’s next?  What new adventure awaits the Nest?

Look no further than your keyboard, your laptop, your cell in hand.  It’s at your fingertips and it was a natural step for us.  I am thrilled to announce that Painted Nest has joined the Etsy community!

Okay, so what’s Etsy, and what does this mean?
For those unfamiliar, Etsy is an online marketplace for artisans and creators to share their work and sell their handmade and handcrafted goods.  It is an online community of like-minded creators, helping one another in their challenges and successes and it is a great place to find unique gifts and items for yourself or others in your life.

I have been purchasing handcrafted goods from Etsy sellers for several years and so it was only natural that this be the place I wanted to continue to share Painted Nest’s story.

Etsy gives us an opportunity to share Painted Nest with a broader community.  It is place where we can shine a light on some of the smaller goods we create and upcycle and provides us a platform to expand our business, with items shipping anywhere in Canada and the US.
So what does this mean for you?

If you are a local client, this does not change anything in the way you do business with Painted Nest.  We are not moving, and will continue to be a steadfast member within our community.  You can continue to order directly from Painted Nest, arrange for pick-up or delivery from our workshop.  We will continue to share our stories, bring you great refinished pieces for sale, and upcycle unique projects, and will always be available for custom work.  We are always a phone call away, and will continue to take part in local events and support our local community.

If you are not local, this is good news for you, because this means you can share in Painted Nest’s creative endeavours, beyond our blog and social outreach.

In Vancouver and love our farmhouse trays?  No problem, log onto our Etsy shop, throw a tray in your online cart and we’ll ship it out to you!

Virginia…Ohio…Texas?  Sure, I know you’re going to love our holiday décor coming soon to the shop and we’ll be able to ship that out to you in time for your holiday party!

We are unbelievably thrilled about this new adventure and we could not wait to share the news with you, our dear readers!

We hope you take the time to check out the shop, show your friends and family, and keep coming back because we will be adding new items every week!  This week will see many holiday items added!

And until you fill your shopping cart, let me leave you with these words of wisdom…

“You may never know what results come from your action.  But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” ~Gandhi

Always say yes to new adventure my friends!
<![CDATA[Top 5 Halloween DIY Pallet Board Projects from around the ghoulish web!]]>Wed, 19 Oct 2016 01:29:30 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/top-5-halloween-diy-pallet-board-projects-from-around-the-ghoulish-web
​I have scoured the wicked web to bring you some pretty cool pallet board projects that you can seriously do yourself.  No, seriously…
…just a little elbow grease, a free pallet you’ve picked up from the side of the road and whole lot of fun!

Bring the family together for some Halloween fun this year and make your own spooky decorations for free!

5) Halloween Road Sign
Thanks to Angie at Burton Avenue for this fun project that you can place at the end of your driveway or patio!​

I love the fun names she has come up with for street names and you can come up with your own ghoulish names!

I can't wait to see some of these great signs on Halloween night!

Instructions are here!

4) Pallet Pumpkins (with free template)
I’ve been seeing a number of these pallet pumpkins on my IG feed lately and I was lucky enough to come across these beauties from Sarah at The Created Home.

Some tools are needed for this one, but it doesn’t look too hard, I promise!

​Instructions and free template are here!

3) ​Frankenstein
​aka “Mr. Block Head Franky” as Jen from Craft-O-Maniac calls him, is a fun and easy DIY project you can even have the kids help you with!

Jen uses 2x4 wood she picked up from Home Depot however you can easily create your Franky with unused pallet boards.

Instructions are here!

2) Stacked Pallet Pumpkins
A unique take on the pallet pumpkin craze.  I truly love this idea and thank Katie from Little House of Four for bringing us this fun DIY Project.

Who wouldn’t love a stack of these on their front hall table?

Instructions are here!

1) Complete graveyard made from pallets!
Yes, that’s a full graveyard, complete with headstones and rickety picket fence.

​It’s a bit of a project, somewhat time-consuming, but not all that hard, if you know how to use basic tools.

Sara, from Twelve on Main, provided instructions on her DIY graveyard here!

Have fun my ghouls and goblins! Enjoy this wicked of holidays and share any DIY decorating you may attempt at your ghostly hollow this year!

<![CDATA[Latex, chalk and milk…oh my!]]>Thu, 13 Oct 2016 20:14:38 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/latex-chalk-and-milkoh-my
One of the most common questions I receive is “what kind of paint do you use?”

The answer is never that simple, however I will try to debunk some painting myths for you in today’s blog, as there seemed to be a lot of conversation at last weekend’s Harvest Festival circling around type of paint used, finishes, styles, textures, etc.

Let me start by being completely honest and telling you I rarely use chalk paint.  I know most of you will be sitting open-mouthed, gasping…
...wait, what? She doesn’t use chalk paint? But the style of painting she does is chalk painting, isn’t it?  See that’s where the confusion seems to be.  Chalk paint is only a type of paint, not a finish, not a style, not a technique, it’s just a type of paint.

I do use it on occasion.  Well, what occasion then, you ask?

If a piece I’m working on is pretty banged up or a bit rougher around the edges, I’ll certainly use chalk paint.  I will also use chalk paint if there is a particular color that I have fallen for and I just can’t quite color match it with latex.  Finally, if I know, going into the project, that I want the finished piece to be overly distressed and I’m not concerned with brushstrokes or coverage and I’m going for the less is more look, I will use chalk paint.

Otherwise, latex it is.  It’s cheaper, there’s a gazillion (totally a word) colors, shades and sheens to work with, it’s extremely flexible and manageable and you can use almost any technique when painting with latex.

Okay, so here are some common painting myths debunked:

Myth #1) If I want a distressed look, I need to use Chalk or Milk Paint
Truth: Not at all! You can distress any piece using latex paint, it’s easy!  If you know ahead of time that you want to distress, either skip the primer (just make sure you sand well enough that your paint can get a good grip), or have your primer tinted to the same color of your paint.  Once you’ve finished 2-3 coats, use a fine-grit sandpaper (I like to use anything between 120-220 grit) and slightly distress areas that would naturally be worn, like corners, grooves and moldings.  To avoid scratching around the distressed area, ensure you are not sanding down flat surfaces.  These would not easily distress naturally anyway.  (Tip! I use a high-quality electric hand-sander for all but hard-to-reach areas. It makes the job much quicker, however you must have a steady hand and have a good feel for your tools)  If you're going for an entirely distressed, chippy look, on the entire piece, chalk or milk paint may be easier to handle as it's easier to distress on flat surfaces.

Myth #2) If I use chalk paint, I need to wax
Truth: Not unless you want to!  There is no rule whatsoever saying you must wax every piece you chalk.  In fact, the only time I wax, is if I’m going for an antique look and then I need to use both a clear wax and a dark wax.  (Tip! You cannot use a dark wax without first using clear wax, otherwise the dark wax will soak into the wood and nobody wants dark brown blotches!)  I use a satin finish polycrylic topcoat with 99% of my pieces.  It’s much more durable than a wax, lasts longer and you don’t have to worry about re-coating each year.  If you love the look and feel of wax, go for it!

Myth #3) Chalk paint just looks more sophisticated.  I really want that farmhouse, vintage look, not cookie-cutter catalog order furniture.
Truth: Ummm…have you seen the pieces I’ve done?  90% of the work I do is using latex paint.

Myth #4) Chalk paint is easier to work with
Truth: It depends, really.  In some ways, it can be.  It can be more flexible than latex.  For example, you can use vinegar and a rag or even petroleum jelly to distress with chalk paint, rather than sandpaper.  However, you must be very careful and precise in your placement or you end up with a mess and you need to re-paint, which just adds more work and time to your project.  It does dry a lot faster than latex, which can be a huge bonus when you don’t want to wait hours between coats, however it can make it difficult if you are trying to manipulate the finish and it’s drying too quickly.

Myth #5) Milk Paint is just too difficult to use.
Truth: It depends on how you define difficult.  I would personally say milk paint is quite the opposite as it gives you much more control in the finish.  It does however require you to mix yourself and requires a bonding agent for painting on non-porous surfaces, unlike pre-mixed and ready-to use latex or chalk paint.  Milk Paint is also probably the most eco-friendly and greenest option you’ll find out there, with all natural, organic ingredients.  I’m looking forward to testing out some milk paint in the upcoming months and will keep you posted on my thoughts.

Myth #6) No prep required when using chalk paint
Truth: There is ALWAYS prep work involved.  I can honestly say it’s not my favorite. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with paint, but the prep work is so important.  Even when using chalk paint and milk paint, it’s important to prep.  If your piece is rather dirty, a light dusting will not do the trick.  You will need to clean that baby with some T.S.P.  In some cases, you will not need to sand or prime, however, I must tell you I sand about 99% of the time.  I tried to cut corners for a piece I did for my home, knowing I was using chalk paint and shouldn’t have had any problems, however the paint would not adhere and just kept lifting. I knew better than to miss the prep work!

The best policy here is to try, try and try some more.  Never stop trying.

I love trying new things.  If something doesn’t work, the worst thing that’s happened is that I’ve learned something new.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and don’t be afraid to take a chance, do something different, try a type of paint or a technique you’ve never used before.  Have some fun!

And keep asking your questions!  I love being able to answer as many as I can, and if I can’t, I’ll be sure to try my best to find the answer…especially if it means doing so in the workshop!

Until next time, my dear readers…get those hands dirty and keep me posted on your own adventures!
<![CDATA[Much to be thankful for]]>Tue, 11 Oct 2016 02:28:34 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/much-to-be-thankful-for
As I sit down to write this, I kid you not, I recall that I have yet to check my Lotto Max ticket from Friday (it’s been a busy weekend okay!), and thought…geez, I’d better check that, just in case I have one more thing to be thankful for!

In all honesty, it baffles me as to why we need a specific day to remember to be thankful, as I truly feel... 
...we all should practice appreciation and gratitude in our every day.  I am, of course, grateful for the day, especially when it results in friends and family gathering to break bread and toast to good health, great company and a bountiful harvest.

An annual tradition had our family gathering at my Aunt’s cottage once again this year, an occasion I am truly grateful for, not only for the beautiful scenery, the reds and burnt oranges in the trees and the leaves and acorns scattered over the northern canopy, but also because it forces our family to come together, in a small space, away from home, and just be.
This year, I have much to be thankful for.

My family is healthy.

Our children are strong and independent, courteous and kind.
​We are incredibly fortunate and grateful for our rescue pooch, I’m not sure how we managed without this guy!
I am thankful for new doors opening when others were closing and grateful that I can see opportunity where others may see uncertainty.

Of course I cannot write this blog without asserting just how appreciative I am of the support of my friends, family and new clients and customers in launching Painted Nest.  It’s been an amazing ride so far and I truly look forward to continuing to work with and for you and continuing to share this adventure with you here, in my blog and online.

I am grateful you continue to stay tuned and I hope that you continue to read, comment, ask questions and share your own stories and adventures.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving! …and that lottery ticket?...hey, I won a free ticket, so there’s something to be thankful for!
<![CDATA[Rain, wind, happy faces and a sense of community]]>Mon, 03 Oct 2016 16:23:35 GMThttp://paintednest.ca/blog/rain-wind-happy-faces-and-a-sense-of-community
So the weather wasn’t great.  It was cold and rainy, but what year have we ever had a Harvest Festival with no wind, no rain, and no freezing hands!
This was the first year Painted Nest exhibited at the Newcastle Harvest Festival, and it was quite an experience.

Just getting ready for the festival was an adventure! We pushed to...
...ensure we were ready for the October 1st deadline.  With a vision for our booth, we worked day and night to make sure we were able to showcase the beautiful, unique pieces handcrafted, refinished and upcycled by Painted Nest.
​Although rather exhausted, I woke bright and early on Saturday, keeping an eye on my weather app, knowing the sky would open any moment and pour down on us, I just wanted to ensure we could get to King Street and set up under our (massive) tent before the weather changed.
I have to stop here and tell you that I would never have been able exhibit on Saturday without the help of my amazing family!  DH has been my number one supporter from day one, but his help this past month is incredibly appreciated, probably more than I could ever express in words.  My Father, retired now for 3 months, jumped on the Painted Nest wagon and has been cheering me on and helping in so many ways, and I was grateful for his help on Saturday.  The kiddies?  Well, let’s just say they carry my business cards with them now….LOL! They love helping out in any way they can and were pretty bummed they wouldn’t be able to this time around.  Little A had a birthday party (hello?! Much more exciting, right? Jumping castle and wild animals!) and Big A came down with a nasty bug and spent most of the day in bed.

The day however, was a success, despite the weather.  The live music was great, no shortage of fun, and the people…oh the people!  I have to say, I live in an amazing community with so many great people!  There was no stopping, no sitting down, no lull, there was just an overabundance of lovely people coming in, walking through the booth, asking me questions, most of which I will try to answer throughout the week on this blog page.

It was so great to see so many familiar faces and I thank all my friends and family for coming out and stopping by, but it was also truly amazing to meet so many new people, all of whom were incredibly cheerful, friendly and complimenting.

I loved listening to your stories, sharing you ours, and I hope that we were able to inspire many of you to try new things, build your nest, make your home yours and have fun doing so.

Until next time, I’ll be right here, working in the shop on the next project or writing to you, my dear readers, and sharing this incredible journey.

Painted Nest